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Unauthorised Use of Images

  1. All content on this site (www.andymartyphotography) is the property of the owner of this website, as set out by the Terms & Conditions of Wix.

  2. Images on this website are protected by copyright law.

  3. Any unauthorised use or reproduction of images from this website will be considered to be in violation of copyright law.

  4. Each image on this website is valued at USD1000.00 unless purchased legally for the agreed purpose. Unauthorise use of an image will be considered purchase for USD1000.00 and an invoice will be forwarded to the person(s) or company found to have used the image. This purchase will only be for single use and multiple use of the image will be considered as separate purchases

  5. Failure to read these Terms and Conditions is not considered a reasonable excuse for illegal use of images on the site.

Purchase of Images:

  1. Images sold on this site are based on an agreement between the purchaser and owner of the website.

  2. Purchased an image provides only rights to single use and not for reproduction or distribution unless otherwise agreed.

  3. Images are to be used only for personal or private use, not for commercial purposes. Any images required for commercial purposes must be done through a separate arrangement.  

  4. Any unauthorised use of an image sold from this website will be considered as an "unauthorised use" as described above. This will include any persons found uploading images onto other platforms. That person will be responsible for each subsequent use of the image after that point.

Subscribers to Andy Marty Photography:

1. Contact information provided in "Subscribers" forms will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes. It will be used to communicate between Andy Marty Photography and subscribers.

2. By submitting your contact details you are acknowledging you will receive communication from Andy Marty Photography, including newsletters. You will not receive "spam" communication that is unrelated to Andy Marty Photography. 

These terms and conditions are to protect the rights of the photographer and the photography community.

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