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Born in Australia, I moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2009 and now call the cosmopolitan city of Dubai home.

My passion for photography started from an obsession with travel - providing a vehicle to inspire others to venture far and wide. Photography allows me to draw on a destination’s culture and represent it visually – whether that is the bazars of India, landscapes of Iceland or the iconic New York City skyline.

Over the years, my photography has developed to include as many styles as possible - from cityscapes to wildlife and time-lapse to portraiture. This approach has allowed me to create content for international brands like Audi, Fairmont Group, One&Only, Visit Rwanda and flydubai. Photography is all about visual story-telling and the opportunity to take people to some amazing destinations around the world via my lens. Whilst many images these days are destined only for social media, I still firmly believe that the best place for a great photo is printed and hung on the wall. I take pride in trying to capture images that will be well suited framed and enjoyed everyday. 

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of photography through workshops and photo tours. I currently guide private photography sessions, workshops for Nikon and tours for Iceland Photo Tours, Daniel Kordan Photography and PhotoPills.

I am a brand ambassador for Nikon Middle East and Manfrotto.

In a world where we are taking more photographs than ever before, I still love the challenge of getting that perfect shot.

andy marty

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