Images can be printed & framed in a variety of sizes, materials, frames.
See information below for explanations.

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Print Size:

Images can be printed in a range of sizes, including custom dimensions to suit the composition of the image. As a rough guide, I have grouped prints into 5 general sizes.

- Small: 300 x 450mm

- Medium: 400 x 600mm

- Large: 600 x 900mm

- Extra Large: 800 x 1200mm

- Wide Panorama: 600 x 1800mm

Some images require unique dimensions due to the composition 

Print Material:

Images are printed on high quality material. 

In most instances I recommend printing on lustre (semi-gloss) paper for framed images.

Frame Material:

Frames can be made out of solid timber or composite fibre.

Timber frames are more expensive & stronger. For larger  prints I always recommend the timber frames. 

Frames are all individually made and can be natural, black or white.

Frame Size:

Frames are either 2x3cm, 3x2cm or 3x3cm

For larger prints I always recommend 3x3cm frames.


Images can have a white border inside the frame.

5cm Board Mount: A layer of mount board card inserted over the image.

5cm Print Material: The material the image is printed on becomes the border.

Note that the border reduces the size of the image (frame size remains the same).

Print Only:

Images can be printed on fine art paper and shipper all over the world.

Framed images are prepared in Melbourne, Dubai and New York. International shipping of framed images will depend on delivery address.

Cost of delivery is not included in the price of the image.